Gap Assessments, config and design reviews, focused on best practices, actionable outcomes and provided remediations.

Assessment and review of systems, applications, networks infrastructure within your environments .

Assessment approach

Our cyber security assessment consulting service offers expert guidance in the realm of cloud and infrastructure security. With a deep understanding of evolving threats and vulnerabilities, I conduct thorough assessments to identify weaknesses and potential risks within your systems. Our experienced team analyzes your cloud infrastructure, network architecture, and data storage practices to provide actionable recommendations that enhance your security posture. I work closely with you to develop robust strategies, implement effective controls, and ensure compliance with industry standards. Trust us to strengthen your defenses and safeguard your critical assets in an ever-changing threat landscape.

  1. Scope specific areas, systems, and applications within the environment to be assessed.
  2. Review security best practices and gaps to level-set.
  3. Assess security controls: Evaluate the effectiveness of existing security controls, such as access management, network security, encryption, logging, and monitoring.
  4. Conduct vulnerability scanning: Utilize automated tools or manual techniques to identify potential vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and applications.
  5. Perform configuration review: Analyze service configurations, ensuring they align with security best practices and industry standards.
  6. Evaluate your environment against relevant regulatory requirements and industry standards to ensure compliance.
  7. Identify gaps: Compare the current security state with desired security objectives and document any identified gaps or weaknesses.
  8. Prioritize and remediate: Determine the criticality of each security gap and develop a plan to address and remediate them effectively.