Infrastructure Security

Focused on protecting the underlying components and systems that make up your environment.

Need help implementing strong access controls, robust network security mechanisms, encryption, identity and access management, monitoring and logging, vulnerability management, and disaster recovery?

Infrastructure Security

At Stonefox Security, I specialize in providing advanced Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Security solutions, ensuring your valuable data and critical operations are protected within the dynamic and diverse cloud environments of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure.

Each deployment is unique. The Infrastructure Security consulting options are fully customizable to match your specific cloud architecture and business requirements across AWS, GCP, and Azure. I conduct in-depth assessments of your multi-cloud infrastructure, identify cloud provider, and application frameworks. I design through collaboration a comprehensive security strategy.

Focus Areas

  1. Network Segmentation / Network Perimeter Assessment
  2. Workload Privilege/Rights Management
  3. Identity and Access Management (IAM) Audit
  4. Configuration Management Assessment
  5. Data Encryption Review
  6. Security Patch Management / System Configuration Management
  7. Backup and Disaster Recovery Enhancement
  8. System design and Deployment Lifecycle review